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a: who we are

Who we are

imara umbono                               

(a solid vision)



Combining two beautiful African languages, Swahili & Zulu, Imara Umbono was born in 2020 & means Solid Vision – a term we strongly relate to.

Solid - (adjective)

--firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid.

Vision – (noun)

--the faculty or state of being able to see.


Although recently established, we offer a wealth of information & assistance, with a combined work span of more than 30 years in the sales, marketing & manufacturing industry.

Our aim is to provide solid, sound & quality advice, training & products relating to businesses across a wide spectrum.


Our services include:

  • Events

  • Marketing

  • Catering

  • Training to empower in different fields incl. manufacturing, sales, etc


Our Background

It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new. Together, we established Imara Umbono, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions to empower the youth & allow individuals to develop their talents & use it to their full potential.

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a: Our Background
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About Imara Umbono

At Imara Umbono, we’re passionate about good products, exceptional service and positive team spirit. Our aim is to educate & train the people of South Africa. To enable job creation, while simultaneously building a better country. Read about our selection of products and services below, and contact us today to learn more.

Our Services

We provide FP&M SETA accredited skills development & training programs to include the youth, the unemployed & women.

We aim to equip them with the necessary tools to maintain & grow their own businesses.

We  specialise in catering for small & medium events, proving the best choice for a truly South African experience!

Imara Umbono also offers bespoke marketing plans that caters for your company's individual requirements

Skills Development Training

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Catering &  Events

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Dept of the FS Premier

Gentlemen's Evening

Government Function

Barkley West



Contact Us

(+27) 83 237 9231

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